The first person in history to walk around the world and swim between 5 continents.

Naturalist and explorer

Nacho Dean is a well-known adventurer and explorer. The great feats he has completed demonstrate huge amounts of effort, determination and endurance which test the limits of human capacity.

In addition, as a result of his expeditions to the most remote places on earth, he has been able to document climate change and understands the state of our planet like no one else.

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Portada video nacho dean

1st scientific and informative expedition sailing around Spain.

Coming soon (2022-2023)

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Expedición Nemo Nacho Dean

Swimming between
the 5 continents

For ocean conservation

A challenge that led him to swim between the 5 continents to send a message to the world about ocean conservation.

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12 Andes LISTA

The walk around the world

A walk around the world in the name of nature and planet Earth.

A challenge that took him 3 years to cross 4 continents, 31 countries and 33,000 kilometers alone, unassisted and without stopping, in order to document climate change.

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“To achieve what is possible, you have to attempt the impossible”.



It is a privilege for me to share my experiences and what I have learnt through my expeditions, in a passionate and authentic way, both in public and private events.



It is an exciting challenge for me to narrate in words the intense experiences lived in my expeditions around the planet. Nature, adventures, cultures, maps, photographs, fragments of my diary entries

A journey around the outside world but at the same time, a journey in my inner world. Each book, a unique gem.


Around the world on foot:
The first documentary in history on Tik Tok

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The sea walker

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“There is no border more impassable than the one that prevents us from believing in something.”